Who we are

At CUBO, we manage automation levels at international levels with a particular focus on the automotive and aerospace worlds. From design to engineering, we provide the entire procedure to the final assembly at the client’s plant.

Our strength

At CUBO, we have expertise in automation and system integration for highly complex production automation solutions. We have been very well known in the OEM car manufacturing industry for over a decade and have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Always aiming for the moon, we prioritise customer satisfaction and long-lasting success within our team and clients.

Efficiency, Timely and Flexibility are only a few of our strong points, and we have a severe and hard-working team. We have the most complex assembly lines, which ensure spotless efficiency. We take our customer relationship very seriously, which leads to years of projects together.

Our Mission

Through cooperation with worldwide clients and sustainable and gradual company growth, we want to become the number one international reference for fully-automated production lines in the automotive industry.

Our Values

Transparency, Innovation and Customer focus.
These are only a few of our core values at CUBO, and we plan to take over the international market in the upcoming years. Our main target is offering elite engineering and advanced automated systems at the highest level with state-of-the-art technology.